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Because That’s What Best Friends Do

November 25, 2014 by Marisa - No Comments

One of my favorite parts about watching the American Music Awards was Lorde’s performance. But not just her performance, the supportive show that her best friend, Taylor Swift, gave. Just look at that passion! (Karlie Kloss, while still grooving, kept it cool.)

I am new to the Taylor Swift spell and I must admit, what a pleasant place to be! It refreshing to live in a world where women support each other, don’t get fall down drunk (publicly) and don’t try to grow up too fast. I’m personally loving her New York takeover and look forward to seeing more.

Also, if you haven’t listened to Lorde yet, thank God you’re reading this. Stop immediately and click below.

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I would also encourage you to try out the new TS album, too. She is donating her “Welcome to New York”┬ásales to the New York Public School System, so you can feel good about purchasing music, too!


In the meantime, enjoy Lorde’s performance (Taylor did) and think of ways how you can show support to your best friend!

P.S. The best part is in the last three seconds. Smearrr!